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Island View – Summer Fun and Keeping Children’s Brains Lively

At my house we are looking forward to summer– daydreaming about days on the water, looking into summer camp options, planning a couple of trips. The children, of course, are looking forward to leaving behind all thoughts of homework and school: no more structured learning, reviewing the multiplication tables, or doing book reports.  As a [...]

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Get Out & Get Moving

It is springtime in Charleston and that means the sun is shining, the grass is getting greener and the kids are getting spring fever in a big way.   If you are anything like me you have waited far too long to get moving on your exercise routine and are looking for ways to exercise [...]

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Island View – How to Work towards Peace between the Siblings

My children are five and a half years apart, and for years their relationship was completely harmonious.  My son took care of his baby sister and was very loving and nurturing.  For my daughter, her big brother was THE most important person in her world.  When she was a baby she was happy just to [...]

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